Saturday, November 25, 2006

Leila 5F2A Custom Tweed Princeton

The Leila 5F2A Custom. Based on a late 50's narrow panel Fender Tweed Princeton 5F2A. I built this as a custom order for a music pastor in Canada who was looking for a small amp that could produce some grind at low enough sound levels to use in smaller rooms.
The stock circuit uses the same tube compliment as a Champ - 1 12AX7 preamp tube, 1 6V6 power tube, and one 5Y3 rectifier tube. Controls include on/off toggle, volume, and tone.

I added a negative feedback cut (boost switch) on a push-pull tone pot, switchable fixed/cathode bias switch, and beefed up the power rail for power tube swapping abilities. I also upgraded the stock 10" speaker to a Weber alnico 12" and installed everything into a larger 5E3 Tweed Deluxe cabinet to open up the sound even more. The negative feedback cut is a great mod for this circuit. When engaged, it adds quite a bit of volume, presence, and grit to the amp. With the two switchable mods, this became a very versatile low powered amplifier.

The correspondence I've had from the customer has been great. He has been using the amp a lot and just loves it. Here are some comments from him:

"I am so happy with how it sounds. I have obviously only had a chance to play it alone in my house (making my wife wince with the volume), but it is sounding exactly how I'd hoped. I am particularly impressed with the variation that you get between the two inputs - I am thinking of experimenting with an a/b switch that I have, running a channel into each input and switching them that way. "

"The pull-boost feature is awesome too. With that thing pulled the amp can become a real fire-breather real fast! Just the kind of tone / size / everything that I was hoping for. When I get the chance to gig with it a little bit I'll drop you another update.
Again, I am really really happy with it, Morgan. Thanks again for all the time and effort that you put into building this for me."